Project Gutenborg

Created by team Headsplosion on July 31, 2023

"Project Gutenborg" is an AI-powered hackathon project that revolutionizes audiobook creation by using ElevenLabs' AI text-to-speech models to transform Project Gutenberg's library of classical literature into captivating audiobooks. With a diverse range of AI voices, users can customize their audiobook experience, enhancing accessibility for the visually impaired and providing a unique platform for language learners to explore classic literature. Merging technology and literature, we bring storytelling to life in a whole new way. Embark on this exciting journey of literary immersion and discover the magic of AI-driven narration with "Project Gutenborg."

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"Simple and minmalistic design, wonderful presentation and a good revenue model. Market analysis was also done. From the technical side, try to add in multilingual feature for generating notes. I can envision it amongst other note-taking apps like Notion, Monday, etc. Great work and all the best for the future. "


Muhammad Inaamullah

Machine Learning Engineer

"This is a great way to make literature more accessible and enjoyable for a wide range of audiences, especially the visually impaired and language learners. Your project has a lot of potential in the market of audiobook creation and consumption. You could target various segments of customers, such as students, teachers, librarians, book lovers, and people who want to learn new languages or improve their listening skills. One suggestion I have for improving your project is to add some features that enhance the interactivity and personalization of your audiobook platform. For example, you could allow users to create their own playlists, bookmarks, notes, and ratings for the audiobooks they listen to. You could also enable users to share their audiobook experiences with others through social media or online communities. Overall, I think your project is very creative and well-executed. You have demonstrated a high level of technical skill and domain knowledge in using AI to transform literature into audiobooks. I congratulate you on your achievement and wish you all the best in the hackathon. Thank you for your participation and contribution."


Ndim Donald

NoCode Entrepreneur