Ausflug - AI powered travel concierge

Created by team Ausflug on July 31, 2023

Ausflug is a hyper-intelligent travel concierge that can do everything that a human travel desk can, in a hotel setting. It already knows a traveler's hotel room number, their travel preferences and payment details. Hence it is able to answer questions, book and manage appointments, suggest local events and attractions and book the tickets for them. The users can either chat with the agent or speak to it and it will use Eleven Labs tech to reply in a natural voice. The agent is also smart enough to check inventory before committing to sending anything to the room and to automatically create service requests for things that need to be serviced physically. Customers can use this service to troubleshoot any technical issues with the WiFi or the TV etc as well. The next version of this will include multi-language support. This product will reduce the workload of front desk people who have to answer repetitive questions. This will also be useful in AirBnBs where there is no one to answer your questions. The next evolution of the agent will be able to make personalized recommendations of value-added services as well as local events/attractions to travelers based on their travel profile. It will keep learning from the user's travel patterns and preferences and make intelligent suggestions as the travelers uses more of the product.

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