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Build Your Custom GPTs: 24-hours Hackathon Summary

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Hackathon Overview

Our AI hackathon brought together a diverse group of participants, who collaborated to develop a variety of impressive projects based on:






AI Applications

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Submitted Concepts, Prototypes and Pitches

Submissions from the teams participating in the Build Your Custom GPTs: 24-hours Hackathon event and making it to the end ๐Ÿ‘Š

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Towards a streamlined and safe refactoring workflow: AI makes suggestions, your IDE applies them!


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Sorting algorithms are used extensively but understanding them can be difficult. Our project visually explains popular sorting methods through examples to help students better comprehend these fundamental computer science algorithms.




upload your pdf, selects your own prompts, or other file(formats) upload.

All in One

Custom GPTsGPT-3.5LangChain

TeamTorch - Your Friendly Neighborhood HR Helper

TeamTorch serves as a virtual assistant, providing valuable support to employees based on a company's employee handbooks and policies.

Quadratic Games

Custom GPTsOpenGPTsOpenAIChatGPT

Ecobyte - hacking the climate

'EcoByte' is here to help you hack your life to support the planet, with personalized life hacks that you can implement right away. If your hack is sincere and doable, you are invited to join the 'Earth Crew,' a secret network of climate hackers.


Custom GPTs
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PulsePrompt- by Health Navigators

Our innovative project, PulsePrompt, introduces a cutting-edge model for effectively understanding and addressing individual health issues, revolutionizing personalized healthcare support.


Assistants API

Branding Assistant

Branding Assistant is a custom-built GPT designed to transform branding and marketing.It tailors brand identities,creates content,analyzes markets, and provides insights.Save time, maintain brand consistency and boost engagement with this AI-powered tool.


Custom GPTsOpenAI


Enable the unmasking of cyber threats โ€” AI augmentation meets the MITRE ATT&CK Framework. AiTTRIBUTOR turns indicators into foresight and adversaries into open books.


Assistants APICustom GPTsOpenAI


Material is a custom gpt that helps people working in material science


Custom GPTs


Clim8Assist is the definitive climate guide that empowers individuals, organizations, policymakers, researchers, and communities to maximise Climate Change impact and retrieve accurate and definitive info fast and in a digestible format.

Sustainable Initiatives

Custom GPTsGPT-4 VisionChatGPTGPT-4gpt4all

Eco Helper

Eco Helper is is an AI guide to make sustainable living easy and accessible.

Green AI

Custom GPTs

Help Me Find Case

A GPT that searches through 7+ mln US court decisions and finds the most relevant based on user's facts.


Custom GPTsCohereCohere RerankCohere Embed

OMNI-Revolutionizing Operation and Maintenance

OMNI: Your adaptive, industry-specific assistant for operation and maintenance support. Tailors language to user expertise, provides detailed explanations and visual aids, and encourages image sharing for precise assistance.


Custom GPTsOpenAI

Njangum Njambaar- Soil Sage

I teach about soil health and offer solutions to farmers.

Agriculture focused

Custom GPTs

AIBrandWizard GPTs

AIBrandWizard: Specialized GPT for E-Commerce. Streamlines marketing content creation with compelling product descriptions, attention-catching titles, SEO-friendly keywords, and ALT tags for accessibility. Offers unique market and pricing insights.


Custom GPTs

G-PT Charlie - managing chronic low back pain

G-PT Charlie: Empowering Chronic Low Back Pain Management with AI and Compassionate Care in the Dutch Healthcare System and guides in assessing and managing chronic low back pain based on evidence-based guidelines.


Custom GPTs

Wedding Vision

Meet Wedding Vision, your personal image-based wedding planner GPT

Solo Team

Custom GPTs


AI assistant that answers questions from doctorsโ€™ notes.


Custom GPTsLlamaIndex

ู…ุฌู…ูˆุนุฉ ุฎุจุฑุงุก Group of Experts

digital conductor AI, in Arabic, is designed to assist users in achieving their goals by coordinating with specialized expert agents, each equipped with unique tools and techniques for practical and actionable support.

The expert

Custom GPTs

InterviewPrep GPT

Using LLM and GPT-4 to help with preparing for Interviews


Custom GPTs

Custom Everything Movie Script Creator

The Custom Everything Movie Script Creator, with AI agents Sam (author) and Donna (editor), blends your input for a unique 3-act script experience across nine plot segments, featuring three-way "branch" options in each plot part.

Custom Everything

Custom GPTs