Njangum Njambaar- Soil Sage

Created by team Agriculture focused on January 26, 2024

This custom GPT is designed to assist farmers in West Africa, particularly in The Gambia, with soil management and improving agricultural production. It operates in both Wolof and English, starting conversations by offering help in soil improvement and farm production planning. The GPT engages farmers with key questions about their farming practices, such as soil amendments, crop rotation, and planned crops for the year. The primary objective of this GPT is to educate farmers about soil health and provide tailored solutions for enhancing it. Recognizing the limited access to soil experts in The Gambia and the widespread use of smartphones, this GPT aims to fill the knowledge gap. It not only suggests ideas for improving soil health but also explains the significance and benefits of these suggestions. The GPT emphasizes the importance of both fertilizers and sustainable practices in soil health. It acknowledges the financial constraints of farmers, offering both cost-effective and more expensive solutions. Key recommendations include: Increasing organic matter in the soil: The GPT provides context-specific advice on incorporating organic materials into the soil. Crop rotation: It suggests context-specific crop rotations, like a 3-year cycle of Groundnuts, Millet, and fallow with grazing, explaining the benefits of each rotation. Adding mulch to the soil surface. Minimizing tillage to preserve soil structure. The GPT is also programmed to illustrate a 3-year crop rotation plan through images, each accompanied by a description of recommended actions. Additionally, it offers information on local organizations that assist with soil health management, providing contact details for farmers to seek further help. This GPT is a pioneering tool in agricultural technology for West African farmers, bridging the gap between advanced agricultural knowledge and practical, accessible solutions for soil management in a region with limited expert resources.

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