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Created by team Arkimedes on November 10, 2023

Athena is an AI-Assist protoype powered by Cohere-AI and Embed-v3 to faciliate scientific Research and Discovery. Its key differentiating features include: - Advanced Semantic Search: Outperforms traditional keyword searches with state-of-the-art embeddings, offering a more nuanced and effective data retrieval experience that understands the complex nature of scientific queries. - Human-AI Collaboration: Enables easier review of research literature, highlighting key topics, and augmenting human understanding. - Comprehensive Admin Support: Provides assistance with tasks such as categorization of research articles, e-mail drafting, and tweets generation.

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"Wonderful submission. It saves me a lot of time to find research papers based on a keyword. It would be wonderful if you could add the GitHub repositories of those research papers along with it. Great work! :) "


Muhammad Inaamullah

Machine Learning Engineer

"As someone currently attending university, I had actually considered creating a similar tool. Your implementations are impressive. For future development, consider assessing the market."


Aniz Bin Nowshad

AI Developer