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Created by team 2004 Nissan Xterra on November 18, 2023

GeCover is an application that allows individuals to generate custom cover letters instantaneously. Writing cover letters is a difficult and grueling process that can take a long time if you need to apply to many jobs. The necessity to craft a custom cover letter for each application not only proves to be extremely time-consuming but also becomes a tiresome and daunting task, adding to the challenges of job hunting. To lower this pain point and increase the productivity and success of job seekers, we enable people to generate tailored cover letters from a classic resume pdf paired with a link to the desired job. Being able to create these cover letters in a matter of seconds, will bolster application efficiency and allow for an increase in quality job application submissions. Our exploration of fine-tuning a generate model against Sam Altman's blog posts brings forward an enthusiastic and excited tone in each letter. We hope to explore more fine-tuned models and continue to iterate upon our product, making it even better.

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