AgriTube BENIN

Created by team OlympusAI on May 15, 2024

AgriTube: Our hackathon project aims to revolutionize farmer training by integrating cutting-edge technologies. We've developed an innovative solution using artificial intelligence to automatically translate training video subtitles from French to Fonbge, providing broader access to educational content. Additionally, our system allows users to record their voice to search on YouTube, facilitating the discovery of relevant videos. By adding Fonbge subtitles, we make these videos accessible to a more diverse audience, strengthening inclusion and accessibility. Our goal is to bring powerful and accessible tools to farmers, helping them acquire new skills and knowledge to improve their farming practices and livelihoods, while fostering autonomy and sustainability in farming communities. Furthermore, this application aligns with the goals of the national strategy of the Beninese government, which aims to make Benin a leader in agriculture, particularly in the cotton sector. Enhancing farmer training will be a significant asset in achieving this objective.

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