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Created by team IlewaAI on May 14, 2024

Benin, a country rich in enchanting and inspiring stories, offers a wealth of cultural treasures. Take the example of the Amazons, legendary warrior women who embody the courage and pride of the Beninese people. Their legacy is honored at the Place de l'Amazone, near the Palais des Congrès, a symbolic site where the history of these heroines continues to resonate. However, a major challenge remains: conveying this history to foreign tourists. The stories are often poorly interpreted or mistranslated, losing their essence and magic. To address this issue, we created ilewa AI. "Ilewa," meaning "our lands" in the local language (yoruba), reflects our deep attachment to our heritage. Our ambition? To make Benin the world's top tourist destination by 2030. Ilewa AI revolutionizes how Beninese stories are shared. Using our technology, content in local languages, whether audio or text, is transformed into captivating and faithful images. The benefits for tourism are immense. Visitors will have access to authentic and accurate visual representations of Beninese stories and traditions, enriching their cultural experience. They will gain a better understanding and appreciation of our heritage, increasing their satisfaction and desire to return. Ilewa AI primarily targets travel agencies, tour operators, and tourism industry stakeholders looking to offer an enriched and immersive experience to their clients. Additionally, our technology will appeal to museums, cultural centers, and educational institutions eager to promote Beninese culture to an international audience. From a business perspective, ilewa AI opens new horizons. By facilitating access to our culture, we attract more tourists, stimulate the local economy, and enhance Benin's reputation on the international stage. Investing in ilewa AI means supporting an innovative project that values our history and identity while contributing to a prosperous future for our country. Join us on this exciting journey!

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