Gishta Promotions

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Created by team Dreamverse Frogs on May 16, 2024

Our project aims to preserve and promote local festivals and cultural events using cutting-edge AI technology. Users can input text or record audio describing their events in languages such as Yoruba, Fon, French, or English. The AI system transcribes and translates the input, generating detailed promotional posters with dynamic backgrounds and tailored social media content. The posters are visually compelling and culturally appropriate, enhancing visibility and engagement. By leveraging AI for content creation and translation, our platform bridges language gaps and empowers communities to share their heritage with a broader audience, fostering cultural preservation and celebration in an increasingly digital world.

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"You’ve created an interesting solution to promote local festivals. The app’s features are strong points. However, relying on automated translation may impact the accuracy of cultural context. Focus on enhancing these translations and user interface for better engagement. Keep pushing forward; this app has potential to make a big impact."


Ismail Ahmed

"Your app shows promising potential to significantly influence its target audience. Keep up the momentum"


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor