AfroT with Q and A video query

Created by team AfroFM on May 15, 2024

A web-based solution for farmers to drag and drop any video tutorial and get it translated into Fon or Yoruba languages so that they can share and get more knowledge on the internet and support Ngos and better help them in communication. This is important as a lot of knowledge is already on the internet but if one just does not know English or any one of the top 3 languages they are really at a disadvantage this is where we come in we want to empower farmers with the ability to get this content and have it done to there local languages so that they to can consume and benefit from the knowledge shared and generated online. The way it works is that a user just picks the language they want and drags and drops a video into the system and they will see messages from the system working to inform them how it's going and then provides the translated transcript of the video. This is what we have now for the prototype but with time we shall add more to it to make it better, faster, and more advanced. We have also added Q&A with a video where we use the llama index rag to get the transcript so the user can chat with the video content using phi3 and in thee local language. It takes alof of time about 10 mins to get the translated language and 2 minutes ti query it.

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