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Created by team Zion on April 30, 2023

In this app the user will be able to upload any pdf and will able to retrieve information by asking questions in chat format. The answers will be available in audio format as well which will increase the accessibility of the application. In case the user wants to search more about a particular topic from pdf, beyond the scope of the literature present in PDF, he/she will be able to do that as well in a separate page called Research. Where answers will be retrieved from internet through Google Search and Wikipedia. There is a separate page to takes notes during these learning process where the text persists even if the user goes to a different page and at the end user will be able to download it. Last but not least, There is a separate page where User will be able to ask questions to chatGPT.

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"Seems like really good use case, but I realy don't see huge business value in the app as independent product. It'd be really great as an extention or function to pdf-reader service, like Adobe, already built inside the reader."


Olesia Zinchenko

Product Marketing Manager