Created by team storyForge on August 20, 2023

StoryForge is an agent to create image-based video content for social media with AI, for people and businesses with a message. The concept : Goal : Easily generate video content for social media Idea : a text to image story generator that generates image-based video content with voice over for brands, influencers and digital marketing agencies. How it works : - User gives a few inputs in a fast, simple way - Prompt templates based on LangChain and generative text on GPT. - The images are made with Stable-Diffusion-v1-5 - The generative voice is made with ElevenLabs and pyttsx3 Advantages for users : - Generate engaging video content for social media, tailored to your message and brand, communication strategy and tone - Improved consistent communication throughout time, in order to truly convey your message - Leverage the full potential of AI and post more often and better content - Video content is more engaging Our tool tackles the obstacle to social media growth: Posting more - The more you post to Instagram, the more likes you get - Only 5% of Instagram accounts post one per day or more

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"Impressive technical application. Prompting works well. "


Ervin Moore

PhD Computer Science Student