Neurolitiks AI Agent For Creating Public Policies

Created by team Hadox Human Networks on August 21, 2023

Neurolitiks stands at the forefront of a $100 million U.S. market, aiming to redefine the way public policies are crafted. By leveraging two cutting-edge AI models – Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Large Language Models (LLM) – together with advanced graph database technology, Neurolitiks promises unparalleled insights and capabilities in the realm of policy-making. Consider this: every day, thousands of documents, reports, and articles are generated that can impact policy decisions. Neurolitiks seamlessly processes this sea of information, diving deep into the nuances of language and the complex web of knowledge connections. Our platform does more than just interpret vast amounts of data; it understands, connects, and projects. What does this mean for policymakers? An intelligent platform that analyzes information spanning diverse themes and topics, offering evidence-based policy recommendations with a precision that was previously unthinkable. By taking into account historical patterns, real-time developments, and future trends, Neurolitiks ensures a holistic view of every policy issue. Moreover, with a user-centric design and scalable infrastructure, we're not just targeting the existing $18 million market of health and education sectors at state and federal levels; we're looking to expand and capture 10% – a potential of $1.8 million – in the next few years alone. Neurolitiks isn't just another platform; it's the future of informed, efficient, and impactful policy-making. We are not just providing a tool; we're empowering a movement towards more effective governance and profound societal progression.

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"Firstly, a very unique idea of creating an AI Agent for making public policies. I loved it. I closely work with firms that are policymakers, and their decisions change the lives of many people. This is an ideal solution. A few suggestions as I see a few areas of improvement. - You define all the parameters of a policy such as goal, target, etc. Maybe try to add SOP as well. Let me explain why I said this, the reason being that many policies don't have a proper SOP which results in poor results & decisions. - For the presentation, I loved every bit of it but I believe you missed out on the most crucial part and that is the revenue model although all the other requirements are completed. If you are targeting governing bodies and other organizations that are directly linked with policymakers, then this tool can change the world in numerous dimensions. "


Muhammad Inaamullah

Machine Learning Engineer