FlowFacts AI - Deep research agent

Created by team AI agent for researchers on August 20, 2023

Our project aims to create an AGI agent for research and validation. The agent conducts deep research, takes notes, and generates a research document summarizing a given claim. It follows a specific workflow, starting with the user providing a claim and supporting information. The agent then uses deep research tools to gather information, search the web, scrape relevant data, and summarize it in notes files. It iterates on different topics and uses a writer tool to generate a final research document. The project includes various components such as internet search and scraping, the Deep Research Toolkit, and SuperAGI tooling. Overall, the project aims to provide an efficient and thorough AGI agent for research, understanding claims, and validating information, while also highlighting potential areas for further investigation or evidence that refutes the claim Ultimately, we want to make research process up to 10x times faster.

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"it is exceptional idea, good application of technology and you used the idea in the perfect fields, i love the way you handled the process of thinking into the project and how to make full use of it. amazing work"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor

"I loved the idea of generating content for research papers. As a researcher and engineer, it saves a lot of time and indeed the demo application provides a wonderful response as I tested it myself. Especially within the R&D market, this application can gain a lot of traction. It gives me the idea that if you can manage to integrate a part within this agent which also generates Latex code for the research document, it will definitely be a spectacular and complete app. On the contrary, there is a flaw within the presentation. I could see that you mentioned the market size but there is no revenue model. Apart from all this, simply fantastic! "


Muhammad Inaamullah

Machine Learning Engineer

"Application is really solid and for the idea it really gives you great results. Research tools are out there everywhere but those are just collecting papers that you direct it to. This product dives deep and brings back information in iterative feedbacks. That's a unique applicability of the product, and the presentation is really on point as well. Love the work you guys are doing and i really hope you can keep pursuing developing this. Amazing work guys!"


Shebagi Mitra

Technical Mentor