Hustle Coach AI

Created by team Tube AI on June 03, 2023

Our goal is to support aspiring Youtube creators to concentrate on their objectives. Maintaining consistency and motivation often proves challenging, so we created an application where 1. users can set their goals, and the AI Coach will generate tailored go-to dashboard and an actionable to-do list. 2. users can consult with the AI Coach for any issues they might face. Problems and target: Youtube creators often face numerous challenges including maintaining a regular posting schedule, generating creative content ideas, and deciding on priorities. Solution: Our solution addresses these issues by offering a personalized, AI-powered dashboard and to do list, coupled with a conversational AI, to assist in navigating these challenges.

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"Hustle Coach sounds like an incredible tool for aspiring YouTubers! Growing a YouTube channel can indeed be a challenging task, and understanding trends and audience preferences is crucial for success. With Hustle Coach, creators can gain valuable insights and guidance to make informed decisions, set tailored goals, and effectively progress their channels. I believe this product has the potential to greatly empower content creators and accelerate their growth. Best of luck to you and the Hustle Coach team on this exciting journey!"


Paulo Almeida

co-founder of Stunning Green