Telegram chat summarization

Created by team solo developer on May 27, 2023

Telegram Chat Summarize is a Python application that uses the Telegram Bot API to access the chat history of a Telegram group and generate daily summarizations. The application is built using Python 3.x and pip for package management. The summarization process is powered by either the Claude API or the OpenAI API. The application requires several environment variables to be set before it can be run. These include the API keys for the chosen summarization service, the API token for the Telegram Bot API, the API ID and hash for the Telegram app, and the Telegram channel ID for the developer to receive messages. The application is designed to be run on a local machine or server, and can be started by running python in the command line. Once the application is running, the user can interact with the bot using various commands, such as /start, /set_chat_name, /summary, etc. Overall, Telegram Chat Summarize is a powerful tool for users who want to stay up-to-date with their Telegram group chats without having to read through every message. By using advanced summarization techniques, the application is able to provide concise and informative daily summaries that can be accessed easily through the Telegram Bot API.

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"Well Done! I think its an efficient way for users to stay updated without having to read through every message"


Theodoros Ampas

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