Reading Boost

Created by team Knowledge Harvesting on May 26, 2023

The fundamental act of reading is essential in today's knowledge society. Reading is not just about decoding words. Reading requires understanding vocabulary in context, analyzing structure, inferring meaning, and synthesizing information—complex skills that many struggle with. The time is now to eliminate the gap between the critical importance of reading comprehension in our society and the challenges that individuals encounter in their reading journeys. Goal: Deliver a thoughtful, AI-empowered approach to significantly enhance how billions of people read, learn, and access information. In May 2023, Anthropic expanded Claude’s context window from 9K to 100K tokens. There are many opportunities for using this capability! Let’s start with reading! "Reading Boost," is an AI-empowered process that individualizes reading comprehension for students, educators, professionals, and individuals with reading or learning difficulties. The process has four steps – plan, implement, review, and improve. AI’s role is to augment each step, maintain metacognitive knowledge, and produce counterfactual strategies to improve reading tasks.

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