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Created by team Finsbury Features on June 01, 2023

Prereader is an innovative application developed to help students familiarize themselves with complex texts before reading them. The app uses the extensive contextual understanding of an AI named Claude to extract key and methodological concepts from academic materials. By transforming text into audio, using the googleTextToSpeech python package, students can listen to these ideas before delving into the text, supporting their comprehension. Prereader is designed to deliver information in an unpressurized way, with no need for memorization, reducing the stress of encountering new academic content. A unique feature of Prereader is the provision of an offline audio file. This allows students to utilize the app even without data access, whether they are commuting on public transportation or enjoying a quiet walk outdoors. The application combines the advanced capabilities of Claude, the convenience of the googleTextToSpeech package, and the streamlined efficiency of Streamlit for deployment. In summary, Prereader is a powerful tool aimed at improving comprehension and information retention for students tackling challenging academic materials.

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"Prereader is such a cool tool! I would love to have it for my everyday reading. It would save me so much time! Can't wait to see what else you have in store. Good luck on your journey!"


Paulo Almeida

co-founder of Stunning Green