Created by team DevBots on May 30, 2023

Workforce Continuous Intelligence is a no-code UI that connects to external resources. - Tasks can be either simple tasks or chats. - Workers can be either AI or Humans. - Prompts can be generated from a combination of external resources, and are dynamically generated based on the content of those resources. - Resources are updated in real time, and triggers can be set up to execute a task in response to a change in a resource. - Resources can also be pushed to in order to take action on behalf of a task. For example, the Github Resource will store the output of at ask into a file in Github. - Trackers can be integrated. Tasks will pull tickets from Trackers as soon as they show up in the Tracker, and they can also generate new tickets in a tracker. - Transforms can be used to extract data from the output of a task and segment it out into individual pieces.

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"Workforce is an incredibly captivating idea! I'm eagerly anticipating the opportunity to experience it firsthand. Best of luck, and may you achieve tremendous success with your project. Enjoy the journey!"


Paulo Almeida

co-founder of Stunning Green