Created by team ClaudeJD on June 04, 2023

This application utilizes Claude's enhanced 100k token capabilities to efficiently and accurately analyze vast files of proposed legislative bills. Its primary focus is on the discovery and elucidation of anti-Trans policies buried within complex legal documents. The app enables users to effortlessly dissect 100-page bills, providing concise summaries and critical analyses. The main objective is to enhance activism’s accessibility. While many individuals care deeply about combating anti-Trans policies, they often lack the time and resources to navigate through numerous proposed legislations. This tool empowers individuals and activist groups by streamlining the process, freeing them to concentrate their efforts on driving tangible change. Immense effort has been dedicated to engineering ClaudeJD's prompts and designing its user interface. By employing well-crafted prompts, the application delivers reliable, accurate, and concise responses, minimizing any potential inaccuracies (hallucinations). The user-friendly interface ensures an intuitive, repeatable, and enjoyable experience. Future plans include implementing features such as memory retention, sorting capabilities, and batch runs, among others. This project holds tremendous potential for expansion into new and promising domains.

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"Great use of technology, it address a huge problem with the legal aspects in the United States that may seem daunting to solve. Since it is not meant to have a business value by being non-profit i wont add many points to the business value of the project, besides that i encourage you to keep working on the project."


Gonzalo Huelmo Romero

Bachelor in Informatics / Data Science

"ClaudeJD is indeed a fascinating project! It has the potential to greatly assist individuals, activists, and non-profits in navigating the complex and time-consuming legislative processes. By providing valuable insights and support, your project can empower these groups to make a greater impact and drive positive change. I'm excited to see how ClaudeJD progresses and the positive outcomes it can bring. Best of luck with your endeavor!"


Paulo Almeida

co-founder of Stunning Green