Contextual Dictionary

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Created by team ChaCha on June 04, 2023

The proposed tool aims to assist students in learning English by simplifying the process of checking word definitions within the context of sentences. Students often find it time-consuming to look through various definitions and discern which applies to the sentence they are analyzing. Our tool intends to solve this issue by providing an easy-to-use platform for students to input their text and receive accurate definitions of the words. By streamlining the learning process, students have more time to focus on the actual comprehension of the sentence and improve their vocabulary. Our tool will be a valuable resource for both language learners and educators looking to facilitate English language acquisition.

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"Learning English can indeed be challenging, especially for individuals who are starting later in life. That's why the Contextual Dictionary project stands out as a great solution to bridge this gap and reinforce the learning process. By providing contextual definitions, it can greatly enhance language comprehension and retention. I am excited to see how your project evolves and the impact it will have on English learners. Best of luck in your journey, and I look forward to witnessing the progress of Contextual Dictionary!"


Paulo Almeida

co-founder of Stunning Green