Created by team CalmClash on May 26, 2023

Very often couples can't discuss their problems with each other because they are emotionally involved, and the discussion usually turns into personal fight without any reasoning, or empathy. They are not even able - and after a while not even try - to understand each-others point of view, while that would be essential to solve a problem. Our project is to give these couple a solution where they can express their problem, their views to the CalmClash app, and the app simulate a constructive and emphatic discussion between the two, keeping mind their priorities and views, but do it with empathic and a constructive way. Reading that simulated discussion they can get a picture what the other party would say if (s)he would have the chance to have a calm discussion. It's like a pair therapy assistant which provide a secure and wise channel that can provide a calm, constructive discussion in an emotionally overheated situation.

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