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Created by team Ayaori on May 29, 2023

I am Taiwanese and not good at English, so my English might sound strange. I apologize. Claude Story Writer Webui allows writers to input inspiration for stories, and it generates a world view, characters, allies, enemies, and conspiracies based on that. It provides prompts to assist writers in conceptualizing their stories from various perspectives. These concepts can help writers unleash their creativity because they don't have to meticulously fill in the details of the world view themselves. Depending on the user's input, the script generated by Claude can provide users with great ideas, although it may sometimes be unstable. That's why I have been trying to update and use better prompts. The script is saved as an "abbreviated_story.json" file, and if the user finds the script generated this time to be good, they can keep it. My next attempt is to turn this script into an interactive game, where Claude reads the script and transforms into a communicative role-playing game, similar to tabletop RPGs. Users can freely act within the scenes explained by Claude using natural language. However, I found that Claude tends to deviate from the original script after a few rounds. Therefore, every five user responses, Claude conducts a review of the current story and script, examining the current situation and aligning it with the script to analyze and arrange for the new story. Users can explore within the script generated by Claude, or they can input their own script and have it generate scenes and interact with them.”

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"Very promising application! It would be great to have a slide presentation with audio to further emphasize the aspects of the working demo that you presented. This would provide a more comprehensive understanding of your product. Wishing you the best of luck!"


Paulo Almeida

co-founder of Stunning Green