AI Enhanced Email Monitoring

Created by team aitrailblazer on May 27, 2023

This AI-driven system is designed to ensure compliance within the context of email communication by adhering to internal policies and external regulations. It scans and analyzes email content in real-time, identifying potential compliance issues and alerting the relevant parties in case of deviations. A unique feature of this system is its access to a repository of compliance documents, enabling it to stay current with the latest rules and regulations, thus ensuring its compliance checks align with the most recent requirements. The 100K token window plays a crucial role in the operation of this system. Given the complexity of compliance requirements and the diverse range of topics that can arise in email communications, a large context window is necessary to fully understand and analyze the content of each email. The 100K token window allows the AI to consider a wide span of context when determining compliance, including previous email threads, referenced documents, and the specific wording of regulations in the compliance documents. This large context window thus ensures a higher degree of accuracy and comprehensiveness in the system's compliance checks.

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"I like the idea of an AI to ensure compliance within email communication, which can be challenging to monitor manually"


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor

"Your project is fantastic! Email compliance is a crucial and highly relevant topic, and leveraging AI in this area can make a significant impact. I was impressed by the seamless flow of your slide presentation and working demo. I'm eagerly anticipating future updates and advancements from AItrailblazer. Good luck with your project!"


Paulo Almeida

co-founder of Stunning Green