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Created by team Achieve It Coach on May 27, 2023

Personalized guidance. The AI is designed to have a "persona" of an experienced life coach and provide tailored responses and questions to guide the user through a coaching session based on their unique goals and needs. Achieve It Coach provides the following to its clients: Structure and accountability. The AI follows the well-known GROW model for coaching, which helps provide a structured framework to keep the user progressing and accountable to the goals and actions they define. New perspectives. An AI coach can provide users with an outside, objective perspective, which can help them gain new insights into their situation, obstacles, and solutions. The open-ended questions are aimed at facilitating the user's self-discovery and problem-solving. Convenience and availability. An AI life coach would be available on-demand whenever the user wants guidance or support. They do not have to schedule time with a human coach and can have shorter, more frequent interactions. Privacy and anonymity. Some users may feel more comfortable opening up to an AI than a human coach. Interacting with an AI can provide privacy and anonymity for those discussing sensitive life issues and challenges. Continuous progress. The AI is designed to provide follow-up and continuity between conversations to keep the user advancing, even with short interactions. It can recall the context from previous discussions to build on momentum and progress.

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