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Created by team Kray on April 27, 2023

Our project's idea is an application called Chillin’, which is a movie recommendation AI so that you can truly relax daily after workig or studying all day without needing to worry about looking for something to watch yourself. The main goal of Chillin' is to create a fun way to avoid the long and boring hours poeople tend to spend scrolling through different platforms while being indecisive about what to watch next. Chillin' is currently just a python script and currently does not have a functional graphic interface but our team is looking into making it totally functional to create a nicer environment to future users.

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"Im spending a lot of time on finding new shows and movies to watch. Having a better way to do this is epic! I would use this personally. Great work!"


Fabian Stehle

Dev at NN

"Wow, I think Chillin' is a fantastic project idea! Also I like that You, Guys, worked on branding itself! + As someone who often spends a lot of time scrolling through various streaming platforms, I can definitely appreciate the value of an AI-powered movie recommendation tool. The fact that Chillin' is designed to help people relax and unwind after a long day of work or studying is a great touch, and I'm sure many people will appreciate the convenience it offers. I think it's impressive that your team has already created a functional python script for the application, and I'm excited to hear that you're working on developing a graphic interface to make the user experience even better. Overall, I think Chillin' has the potential to become a widely-used and beloved tool for movie enthusiasts everywhere! "


Daniel Duccik


"This is what I need! And also all the people I know asking me about movie recommendations.... xD "


Nate Rundberg

Slingshot Project Coordinator