Created by team Slideforge on 2023-05-19T20:53:51.475Z

Slideforge is an AI-powered presentation generator that simplifies the process of creating impactful presentations. With just one click, Slideforge empowers users to transform their ideas into polished presentations effortlessly. Whether you provide a short prompt or a more detailed one (up to 400 characters), Slideforge swiftly generates a fully-fledged .pptx presentation. In a matter of 15-30 seconds, you'll have a slideshow with informative content, a logical structure, and beautiful images relevant to each slide. Experience the convenience of Slideforge, save valuable time, and enjoy the seamless creation of lovely presentations.

PresentationApplication demo

"I really like the idea of this and I can see a lot people who might need this. It's still very early stage, but it has a lot of potential! I'd love to see the progress of this in the future!"


Nate Rundberg

Project manager