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Created by team Reactonaut on May 17, 2023

Although free coding education is widely available online nowadays, your skill set and experience in a particular programming language can act as a "language barrier," which hinders your ability to create something extraordinary. By utilizing Chat GPT as the coding AI assistant, our ultimate goal is to reduce this "language barrier" and make coding accessible to developers with various levels of expertise. Reactonaut can help developers (especially newbies) to allocate more time on the bigger ideas of the project rather than getting stuck on small things such as adjusting the size and position of a UI element. New developers can also learn through AI implemented code during the process.

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"Very nice application and looks easy to use! Would be interesting to hear how you plan to reach your target users."


Mihir Chouhan

Project Manager

"I love the idea, the presentation and everything! Would love to use one as a person who can't code but want to create a website for their e-commerce and much more!"


Marek Mardosewicz