Fruitful Life

Created by team TheCookieMonsters on April 06, 2023

We want to do ansiety, depression and suicide prevention and awareness.Our team members know for sure how is to live with these problems, most of our families and friends didn't know how we felt, I we thought this was a normal way of life. This is the reason behind the awareness. The idea is to create a tool that can understand emotional trends from users and help with advices, motivational phrases and delivering a way to connect with oneself giving a name to what we feel. We want to help as many people as posible, you can check your feelings, take a picture of yourself, use an AI emotion detection tool to label easilly what you feel and according to that, create a motivational phrase and a picture that matches the phrase. The way we are thinking on monetizing will be on more features, to be later added and rise founds for this causes.

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"Really interesting use of technology. Regardless the monetization plans and the fact that additional features have not been clearly defined which could affect its potential business value. Overall i think its an interesting project"


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor