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Created by team Constructor on April 07, 2023

We used streamlit for the frontend, and the chatgpt API for the backend. The app takes the user's personal and work information, as well as the desired tone of voice, the skill to emphatize on and a template to based on if desired. The app uses the user's input and some prompt engineering to create a prompt for the AI. then, it creates a document whether it's a bio, a cover letter or a CV. Reduces the effort of writing with a nice UI that guides you step by step. We will use affiliate marketing as income, then we will use the collected data from the user to personalize their experience and refine the service.

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"Great job! I do belive that it is really important for everyone to have a good image on the internet and this application can make this easier! However It would be helpful to have a demo of the app to provide a more accurate assessment of its functionality and user experience"


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor