Professor AI Copilot

Created by team AppleDevs on April 07, 2023

We seek to create an application that is capable of helping teachers in different areas when creating, maintaining and reviewing material for their classes. In the first instance, we use this opportunity to gradually learn how to create an application and implement artificial intelligence services in it, so our goal is to participate and learn in these types of events like hackathons, rather than just learning individually. In the future we hope to be able to deliver more complete and complex solutions, such as: creation and revision of exams, creation of material for classes, suggestions in the creation of personalized class structures, depending on the feedback received from students, and much more. We dream big and we are very grateful to be able to be part of these opportunities. See you soon.

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"Great job guys! It's a really useful application for students. However It would be helpful to have a demo of the app to provide a more accurate assessment of its functionality and user experience."


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor