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Created by team LLMentary on July 24, 2023

Job hunting is always hard and tedious work. What if someone could do it for you? Do you want to fill in your information and preferences only once and then see the mails from recruiters rolling in? Even better, your information could be pre-filled based on your CV and updated by following updates on your LinkedIn profile. If you said yes, then we have something just for you. Something that will let you forget about searching for a job while still constantly getting new calls from recruiters. That's our aim, to automate job hunting. Currently the MVP works with LangChain, ChatGPT (GPT-3) and Chroma vectorstore for handling complicated NLP tasks. We are also using Selenium for automatically filling forms on a website hosting job offers. New features such as creating and updating your CV, making you creative responses for cover letters and other open-ended tasks in the forms are already being planned. Obviously, right now we have only a prototype but if you are interested about this unique opportunities then feel free to contact us on social medias, we will keep you updated :)

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"Firstly, the code is well written with proper commenting explaining every function precisely. Not to mention perfectly use Langchain & LLMs. Secondly, wonderful presentation highlight all the steps as well explaining the solution in a very professional manner. Moreover, I loved the idea on how you tackled the problem and with minimal information generate results, this is exactly what an AI Agent should be and great use of NLP techniques. Well Done! "


Muhammad Inaamullah

Machine Learning Engineer

"Impressive use of NLP for automating the recruiting process - with development this could become a very useful and popular tool!"


Olesia Zinchenko

Product Marketing Manager