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Created by team GANgsters on July 24, 2023

We made an AI Trip Planner that takes in a city a user wants to visit, and create an itinerary with time for some attractions in the city. AITripz gives them some extra information such as weather, cultural tips, hotel options, and where to eat. We used LangChain to prompt LLM and chat models, and enrich with info from Google Map API. To make this interactive, it is a Streamlit web application. The goal is to lessen the burden of information gathering, processing, and accumulation so that they could have a lot of these information on hand to customize if necessary, or just follow the itinerary exactly if they wish.

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    Eyan Yeung

"A perfect solution I always dreamed. THank you for building it, and looking forward to using it for my future trips. Not to mention, wonderful presentations. Hats off! "


Muhammad Inaamullah

ML Engineer

"great presentation. you organized everything and well thought of all trip details. good application of technology. keep it up and make it real web page"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Lablab Head Judge

"Great job team! I'm already eager to use AItripz to plan my next trip. Good luck!"


Paulo Almeida

co-founder of Stunning Green