Anomaly detection in metadata of documents

Created by team Anomaly detectors by RAG on April 12, 2024

Using AI to find mistakes in the metadata of PDF documents. The user can upload a document without metadata, the upload is ingested using Then AI(Mistral) adds metadata, which is displayed in the UI. The user could now copy that out and use to assign metadata to his documents. The user can then upload another document with the human given metadata, or load a lot of documents with correct metadata from a vectorstore (vectara). The user can also provide his own metadata for the document as a textstring. Mistral then compares the two versions of the metadata and tells the user the differences and similarites between both sets of metadata.

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"This is a great little application of RAG, I like the idea. But it would be better if it was a broader idea"


Shebagi Mitra

Technical Mentor