3D Printing with AI

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Created by team kash munkey on August 14, 2023

• We are excited to present to you our revolutionary Generative AI 3D printing project, which combines AI, machine learning, and 3D printing to create a Revolutionary platform using AI. Our plan is to scale the software and tech solution, without immediately needing an individual manufacturing infrastructure of large proportions with our Cubee network. • Cubee 3D, one of the world’s largest 3D Printing networks, was founded out of Tel Aviv, Israel. This network of 3D Printshops was created with the intentions to conserve energy and resources by shifting to local manufacturing and digital logistics. • They are a commercial representative of some of the world's leading 3D Designers, and have amassed a network of over 7,000 individual printshops, both large scale, and small scale across the globe. In a single sentence, Kash Munkey Creative LLC aims to revolutionize the manufacturing industry by offering an interactive, AI-driven platform for ondemand 3D printing and rendering across various sectors, such as designers, engineers, and industries like healthcare, automotive, aerospace, and more.

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"Your work is truly impressive, and I firmly believe that Cubee has the potential to lead the way in the realm of 3D printing. I'm eagerly anticipating the opportunity to witness a real example of a print produced by your platform. Best of luck!"


Paulo Almeida

co-founder of Stunning Green