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Created by team AI jewelry Maker on August 13, 2023

JeweXR 3D Generative AI Jewelry Maker This project uses 3D generative AI to create 3D models of jewelry from pictures. The AI is trained on a dataset of images of jewelry, and it can generate 3D models that are similar to the images in the dataset. The project also includes a user interface that makes it easy to create 3D models of jewelry from your own pictures. Features: Generate 3D models of jewelry from pictures Easy-to-use user interface Trained on a dataset of images of jewelry Supports a variety of jewelry types, including rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets Benefits: Create 3D models of jewelry quickly and easily Save money on expensive jewelry designers Personalize your jewelry with your own pictures Use your 3D models to create jewelry prototypes or to 3D print your own jewelry How to use: Upload a picture of jewelry to the user interface with streamlit. The AI will generate a 3D model of the jewelry. You can then modify the 3D model to your liking with blender, unity and UE5. Once you are satisfied with the 3D model, you can download it or 3D print it.

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