Created by team DesignDive on August 13, 2023

Our project aims to leverage Shap-e and other text-to-3D model technologies to enable users to build 3D models through text prompts. This innovative approach breaks down the barriers that often discourage those without specialized training from engaging with 3D modeling. Interior Designers and Decorators: By describing a room layout or furniture arrangement using simple text prompts, designers can instantly visualize their concepts. This can lead to a more efficient and collaborative design process, allowing both professionals and clients to experiment with various aesthetics and layouts. Game Developers and Animators: In the fast-paced world of game development, rapid prototyping is key. Our platform offers game developers a way to quickly sketch out characters, scenes, and objects through text, facilitating collaboration and creativity. Architects and Urban Planners: The complexity of architectural design demands tools that are both powerful and flexible. By converting textual descriptions into detailed 3D models, architects can experiment with different building structures, materials, and environments.

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"Great project and an amazing idea! I'm impressed by how much attention you've given to making the page look modern and appealing. Design Dive is a tool that has the potential to lead the way in assisting architects with 3D object visualization. Best of luck!"


Paulo Almeida

co-founder of Stunning Green

"The presentation was executed flawlessly. The elucidation of the target audience, business model, technical stack, and workflow was exceptionally clear. Incorporating some comparative analysis or accentuating the product's distinctive features would have been an added bonus. Regrettably, I encountered difficulties with ngrok access, preventing me from fully assessing the live demo. Witnessing this tool in action has the potential to mitigate numerous frustrations tied to design iterations, which I find quite exciting. "


Meghana Reddy Guduru

Computer Vision Engineer