State of the art AI: Top 5 AI apps you can build with Cohere API

2023-01-16T20:33:19.911Z by Marek
State of the art AI: Top 5 AI apps you can build with Cohere API

Why should you build apps in 2023 with Generative AI?

Why should you build apps in 2023 with Generative AI

Generative AI-powered app development is a wise move that will help companies of all sizes in 2023. Even in times of crisis, one of today's fastest-growing businesses, artificial intelligence, shows no indications of slowing down. Because it helps companies to swiftly and effectively design and deploy apps with complex features like intelligent user interfaces, natural language processing, and machine learning algorithms, generative AI is especially advantageous to the app development industry. Utilizing generative AI shortens the whole product lifecycle and, in the long run, saves time and money. Additionally, generative AI aids in the development of entertaining, user-friendly, and effective apps that improve the overall user experience.

In the end, generative AI will be the best option for app development in 2023 since it can give companies a competitive edge and higher consumer happiness.

What is Cohere and why should I use it?

What is Cohere and why should I use it

Through a single, user-friendly API, the AI platform gives developers access to sophisticated Large Language Models and NLP technologies. The variety of models offered by, including Generate and Classify, make it simple and quick for developers to build unique AI models and incorporate them into their applications. In addition to giving developers access to the most recent AI tools and research, the platform streamlines the process of developing, testing, and deploying AI models.

Utilizing for your app has a number of benefits, including quicker model building, enhanced accuracy and performance, and better scalability and maintainability. AI models developed using are simpler to deploy, maintain, and update when necessary. Additionally, gives developers access to the most recent AI tools and research, enabling them to stay one step ahead of the competition and perhaps surpass it by leveraging the most cutting-edge AI technology.

Top 5 AI apps using Cohere

  1. Research Paper Clustering
Top 5 AI apps using Cohere

Winners of Transformers AI Online Hackathon created an amazing Cohere API based app to provide an interactive tool for visualizing research papers in a 2D map where the papers are placed on the map based on some vector embedding of the summary. The papers that are similar to each other will cluster together. This will allow researchers to identify papers that have similar concepts and even allow users to look at concepts from different fields that are applicable in their own field.

  1. Perfect prompt
Perfect prompt

Winners of the Cohere AI Hackathon #3 build in 3 days an outstanding prompt app, which is a one stop shop for prompt engineering and image generation.Perfect Prompt allows you to experiment with your prompt before submitting it several times to a image generation model. Just type in a prompt, and Perfect Prompt will generate an image as well 10 variations of the input prompt with a given art style. First, Perfect Prompt identifies the art style using cohere classify, and matches it to one of five. Then, this style is added to an internal prompt, which asks cohere generate to create variations of the input prompt. These prompts are then ranked again by the classifier, and only the top ten are returned. The user may use any details from these to create their next prompt, and generate another image!


Team who has been chosen as the best project during Cohere Thanksgiving Hackathon built a TALDERA - Discord bot that provides an easy-to-read, semantically rich summary of a channel's Discord activity in a particular time range. The summary is split into parts, and each part has a timestamp/link to its original messages. Users can call Tal;dera to extract message history and generate summaries (tl;dr's) of previous message chunks, given parameters such as number of messages, start time/date, output format, and chunk sizes. Summaries are given in an organized, embedded format, and are linked to where the conversations took place in the chats.

  1. Baith al suroor
Baith al suroor

The project, which wowed judges during Generative AI Hackathon used Cohere API to transform your space. With the Cohere language Command model, it can generate descriptions of your desired design, and the Stable Diffusion generative model creates relevant images and transitional videos to bring your vision to your thoughts.

What a brilliant idea to connect different LLMs together to solve a problem and innovate the industry!

  1. Found in translation
Found in translation

Who watched on 12th of January 2023 finalist projects pitchings and the winner announcement stream, must have been also mesmerized by what you can build with Cohere API. Winning team created a smart Slack bot that implements multilingual semantic search and sentiment analysis to facilitate multi-language messaging platforms by improving the chat search function. The bot allows users to search using any language for messages in any language. It also contains a sentiment analysis that gives moderators a sentiment report on the messages of specific users or the chat as a whole.

Build an app in 7 days!

Build an app in 7 days

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