Cohere's Multilingual Text Understanding Model

Tuesday, December 13, 2022 by Bamboleo
Cohere's Multilingual Text Understanding Model

New breakthrough from Cohere - Multilingual Text Understanding Model!

If you went offline for the last 24 hours you might have missed it, but don’t worry - team gots you covered. So, on 12th December 2022 Cohere released a new, multilingual model. Long story short - it’s the industry’s first multilingual text understanding model that supports 100+ languages. It also delivers 3 times better performance than existing open-source models. We all know what it means - a better tool to serve users all over the world.

And with Cohere’s Semantic Search AI Hackathon round the corner (16-23 December) we would like to give you some examples of how you can use this cutting-edge technology to benefit your AI Hackathon project and create a working prototype for your upcoming million dollar startup!

So… how can I use a Multilingual Text Understanding Model in my AI Hackathon?

  1. Machine Translation: Quickly and accurately translate multilingual text into any language.

  2. Text Analytics: Automatically extract insights from multilingual text.

  3. Natural Language Processing: Identify parts of speech, entities, and other natural language components from multilingual text.

  4. Language Identification: Automatically identify the language of multilingual text.

  5. Text Generation: Generate natural-sounding and high-quality text in any language.

  6. Text Summarization: Quickly summarize multilingual text.

  7. Document Classification: Automatically classify multilingual text documents.

With Cohere’s Multilingual Text Understanding Model, AI hackathons can become much more multilingual, allowing developers to quickly and accurately create solutions that use multilingual text. This model is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to create the next great AI product.

And why not try it out during an event where one of the prizes is a chance to meet Cohere Founder, grab a virtual coffee & record a video of your demo that will be promoted on Cohere's channels? Sounds unreal? No, it’s an AI Hackathon from!

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