Advanced RAG Hackathon: Revolutionizing Industries with AI

Friday, May 10, 2024 by Katya
Advanced RAG Hackathon: Revolutionizing Industries with AI

Advanced RAG Hackathon with Vectara has successfully concluded, showcasing a remarkable array of innovative applications and chatbots developed with leading AI technologies. Hosted in collaboration with Vectara, LlamaIndex, Together AI, and, the hackathon attracted 1205 participants across 206 teams, who pushed the boundaries of what's possible in AI application development.

Hackathon Challenges and Opportunities

This hackathons’s challenge was to create RAG chatbots or question-answering applications for diverse industries such as legal, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and insurance. Participants were encouraged to utilize Vectara's new chat functionality, the open-source Hallucination Evaluation Model (HHEM), LlamaIndex's APIs, Together AI’s tools, and Tonic AI's data analytics to create impactful GenAI applications that exemplify the potential of RAG-as-a-service.

Prizes for the Advanced RAG Hackathon with Vectara Winners 🎁

The hackathon was truly special, since there were so many special prizes provided by our esteemed partners:

  • πŸ₯‡ 1st Place: πŸ’°: $1500 cash + $1500 in Vectara credits

  • πŸ₯ˆ 2nd Place: πŸ’°: $1000 cash + $1000 in Vectara credits

  • πŸ₯‰ 3rd Place: πŸ’°: $500 cash + $500 in Vectara credits

Special Prizes

  • 🌟 Special Vectara prize: 🌐 $1000 Vectara credits for β€œBest use of Vectara Chat”
  • 🌟 Special prize for "Best project using LlamaIndex": πŸ’΅ $1000 cash for β€œBest project with LlamaIndex”
  • 🌟 Special prize "Best project using Together AI's API": πŸ€– $2500 Together.AI credits + 🍏 $500 Apple gift card per user (up to 5)
  • 🌟 Special prize for "Best project using Unstructured": πŸ’΅ $1000 cash for β€œBest project with”
  • 🌟 Special prize for "Best project using Tonic AI": πŸ’΅ $500 cash and 🌐 $500 in Tonic credits to the "Best project using Tonic AI”

The Hackathon Winners πŸ†

The hackathon spotlighted innovative projects that showcased the potential of AI in solving real-world problems:

  1. MindPal: Welcome to MindPal, your personal creative assistant and second brain πŸ€–! MindPal is not just another note-taking app; it is designed to help you organize your thoughts and ideas effortlessly.
  2. Garden Rulez:Community gardening in Germany is a deeply rooted tradition, offering significant benefits such as enhancing biodiversity, promoting social interaction, and contributing to food security.
  3. Legallit: Legalit is an AI-powered legal assistant that helps individuals and businesses easily review and understand legal contracts. By leveraging advanced natural language processing and machine learning, Legalit provides personalized insights and recommendations to ensure your contracts are compliant and protected.

Special Prizes Winners

Noteworthy projects that won special prizes:

  • Wisdom Hoard: A universal bookmarking tool that doubles as a knowledge vault, utilizing Vectara for content management and summarization.
  • IssueCopilot.AI: Automates ticket generation from customer reviews, directing them to appropriate developer teams, enhanced by LlamaIndex.
  • SuperHuman AI: Streamlines job applications, reducing complexity in today's job market.
  • Snowflake: A personal assistant designed specifically for diabetes management.
  • HireChat: Enhances recruitment processes by automating responses to candidate FAQs.

Partners and Technologies 🀝

The hackathon benefitted greatly from collaborations with prominent technology firms. LlamaIndex played a crucial role by simplifying data integration and querying for AI applications. Together AI contributed tools essential for the training, fine-tuning, and deployment of AI models. was instrumental in transforming complex data formats such as PDFs and HTML into more AI-friendly formats. Lastly, Tonic AI fused analytics with privacy to bolster data-centric AI development.


The Advanced RAG Hackathon was a definitive success, demonstrating the versatility and depth of RAG technologies across various sectors. It not only highlighted the innovative spirit of participants but also underscored the collaborative potential of AI technologies in addressing real-world challenges. As we look forward to future advancements, the impact of this hackathon continues to inspire and propel the AI community forward, fostering a landscape where technology meets practicality for transformative solutions.🌟