We’re growing with our community - new features on lablab.ai!

Monday, March 13, 2023 by Marek
We’re growing with our community - new features on lablab.ai!

Changes, changes!

As we’re getting closer to 40 000 AI Hackathons participants we need to grow alongside our community. We believe that with the power of AI we can shape the world, our future and how we will interact with each other and with technology. And we want our extraordinary community to be the face of it! That’s why we want to provide you with the best AI Hackathon experience, the best platform to learn and build and the best way to present your projects to potential investors. And we even introduced a program to help your app grow. And it’s just Q1 of 2023!

But don’t waste more time and take a sneak peak into new features that premiered in 2023 and the freshest ones from March 2023.

Community Engagement

Lablab.ai is all about our community, your growth and building with AI. We want to make this journey as exciting and rewarding as possible! That’s why we created Ranks and Roles!

Getting a Level Role on Discord is a great way to increase your visibility as an active, engaged member of the lablab community. Level roles are assigned to members who have achieved a certain level of activity. This level of activity is typically determined by the number of articles and tutorials posted, or other criteria set by the community. To get a Level Role, you should aim to be an active and engaged member of the community. This involves participating in Open Talks or Mentoring. You should also make sure to follow the rules and guidelines set by the community, and be respectful of other members.

You can read more about it in our AI community engagement guideline. And we hope to hear (and read!) more from you soon!

Program is already active so reach out to @Nasti, the lablab community manager on Discord to join it!

Voting program

Starting with 10.03.2023 every registered lablab.ai member can vote for the projects they love, they inspire them or they strongly believe in and want to support.

You can vote for projects you find most innovative or want to support only up to 24 hours before the winner announcement stream. And the team which has the most votes at that time will be a wild card finalist who will be able to pitch his project during the final stream and compete among other finalists for the main prize!

But despite the potential rewards (and sometimes rewards for all of the finalists), the most upvoted project will receive all of the benefits of other finalists - the exposure on our apps website, special certificate, mention in dedicated articles and of course a possibility to present your project during live events.

That’s how we want to give voice to our community and we encourage you all to use it, dig through submitted projects and give extra love to the best ones!

Feedback form

Another innovation to help our community grow is a feedback form. Every team member can now read what mentors, lablab legends and lablab team think about their project, how they can improve and much much more! We believe that an honest opinion of experts in a field is valuable for your projects and will help you make the best AI tools possible!

And if you want to know how to become a mentor or lablab legend, it’s all explained in a community engagement program.

Side quests

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As our community is growing, we want to provide more opportunities during AI Hackathons - that’s why we introduced Side Quests!

Side Quests are optional bonus hackathon challenges that you can choose to take on. In this way, you can explore additional technologies, tools, or platforms to include in your project, as well as compete for extra prizes.

Read about the current one and join the fun and challenging way to expand your skills and creativity within lablab.ai’s Side Quests!

AI apps

If you don’t know about our dedicated website to identify the newest AI technologies created during lablab.ai’s Hackathons you have to check it right away!

Our discovery page allows everyone (users, entrepreneurs and every AI lover) to explore our AI Hackathon projects, get inspired to create your own, or find one to invest in!

You can filter by technology used in every of the apps, and always at the top you will see winners of our Ai Hackathons, then finalists and then all of the submitted projects! So we invite you to check all of them!

Slingshot program

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Last, but one of the biggest innovations we introduced for our AI community in 2023 is a slingshot program, which was announced during First AI Startup Hackathon.The program is dedicated to early-stage teams that are building AI solutions by developing & training their own models from “low level”, or teams building ground-breaking products on modern AI technology or using API solutions such as GPT-3, Codex, Jurassic, etc.

A “Slingshot” is designed to allow your project to move very fast and hit that critical initial traction. We work closely with the BIG tech companies and leading AI research labs and we want to unlock access to the technologies, infrastructure & AI/Tech expertise required to move fast and hit the market before the competition.

So if your project is ready, apply to the program and let lablab.ai help you grow!

Wow, that’s a lot!

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Yeah, we know! And we are not stopping there! But we won’t speak about what more is to come, as we don;t want to spoil the fun.

We are constantly working to create the best place for AI innovations. A place where the most interesting and creative solutions are being created and incubated. We want the lablab.ai’s community to shape the world as we see it today!

And you are doing it! With every Hackathon we see so amazing projects, solving so many problems we are facing right now. Everything with the power of AI!

So what are you waiting for? Join our community engagement program, join our AI Hackathons and make the world a better place. And if already created during one of the Hackathons an amazing solution, apply for the slingshot program and let us help you and your projects grow.

Lablab.ai is a community of innovators.

Lablab.ai is a community of creators.

Lablab.ai is a community to be in.