Build your AI Startup Hackathon #2: Winner Announcement

Wednesday, May 03, 2023 by Marek
Build your AI Startup Hackathon #2: Winner Announcement

The second edition of the Build Your AI StartUp Hackathon is over!

Buckle up, tech enthusiasts! The sensational "Build your AI Startup Hackathon #2" has just concluded, and what a rollercoaster ride it was! This exhilarating 7-day event, hosted by the ever-innovative, was a game-changer for aspiring entrepreneurs and AI aficionados worldwide.

Imagine a one-stop shop for all things AI - that's precisely what this hackathon offered! From cutting-edge technology to exclusive tokens and comprehensive tutorials, participants had every resource at their fingertips. And let's not forget the invaluable support from our incredible mentors who helped our amazing global community of creators, builders, and innovators during the journey!

Whether you're an AI21 API fan, an AutoGPT API devotee, or a ChatGPT API enthusiast, this event catered to everyone's preferences. The choice of generative AI model was entirely up to the participants, empowering them to unleash their creativity and bring their unique AI-based applications to life.

But it wasn't just about the tech - our dedicated mentors and speakers played a pivotal role in guiding participants through every challenge, ensuring no one was left behind. Collaboration and camaraderie were the heart and soul of this event, fostering an environment where brilliant ideas flourished

So… who won?

a cat enigneer

Hold on to your hats, folks! We're about to unveil the winner of the phenomenal "Build your AI Startup Hackathon #2," but first, let's talk about what makes this edition truly remarkable.

Picture this: you've just spent 7 days passionately working on a project, and now you're on the brink of turning it into a profitable startup! That's precisely the unique opportunity offered by's Slingshot program, which will incubate and accelerate the winning team's product. Talk about a life-changing experienceHackathon Artificial Intelligence, only from!

Now, let's crunch some numbers: we had an astounding 1,726 participants from across the globe, forming 167 diverse teams based on expertise, backgrounds, and skill levels. And the cherry on top? A whopping 25 working prototypes were submitted!

Our esteemed judges assessed each project based on criteria like completion, presentation style, applicability, business value, innovation, originality, technology, realistic impact, and overall impression. The competition was fierce, but it's finally time to reveal the winner and finalists!

So, without further ado, let's meet the trailblazers who will shape the future of AI startups! drumroll

Winner - Memoiz

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Extraordinary and unique submission from we have absolutely no idea team - memoiz. They created an application, which allows you to “look up your brain”. But how does it exactly work?

“[...] Sometimes, you just want to know what you did last week or last year. Sometimes, you just want to know what kind of person you were. And, sometimes you want a deep analysis of your thought and past. Here is how Memoiz works.[...]”

Finalist - Capita

Among the five projects competing for the main prize was Capita from the Prometheus Labs team. A useful tool for managing your finances.

“[...] With our AI-powered technology, you can get personalized insights and recommendations on how to better manage your money, make informed investment decisions, and achieve your financial goals. Introducing our revolutionary personal finance assistant app, designed to make managing your money effortless and stress-free. [...]”

Finalist - Createwiithai

A Saas platform to empower small and medium-sized businesses in Africa has been created by CreativeWithAI team.

“[...] Small and medium-sized enterprises in Africa often face limited access to knowledge and skilled professionals in finance, legal, and marketing, which can hinder their potential for growth. CreateWithAI solves this problem by providing access to affordable AI-powered solutions that address common business challenges such as customer acquisition, financial management, and legal compliance. [...]”

Finalist - PrepQuest

Another interesting, and ready-to-go market, app was created by Team Vision. PrepQuest - the ultimate interview preparation app!

“[...] PrepQuest is the ultimate interview preparation app that helps job seekers of all levels and industries prepare for their next interview. [...] The app simulates real-life interview scenarios using Chat GPT with custom prompts and using whisper API the app takes the user’s voice as input to provide a very realistic setting of an interview. Users can choose the interview role and level as per their requirements and using custom prompts the app creates an immersive interview experience tailored to the user's requirements.[...]”

Finalist - Reelify

Last but not least project - Reelify - an AI-driven app to rise awareness about coral reefs and its impact on the environment

“[...] It's an AI-powered platform that leverages technologies like Metaverse, VR, and OpenAI to raise awareness about coral reefs and what impacts does it have on the environment. Also under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 8, 9, 13, 14, and 17 as provided by the United Nations (UN), we are fulfilling all the requirements for making a positive impact. [...]”

Is there a third edition incoming?

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Let's talk - the powerhouse behind the groundbreaking "Build your AI Startup Hackathon" series! With two wildly successful editions under its belt, it's only fitting that we're gearing up for yet another mind-blowing event. Mark your calendars for May 12th, 2023, and brace yourselves for a whirlwind of innovation and creativity!

At its core, is all about using AI to solve problems and make a genuine impact on people's lives. This isn't your run-of-the-mill app factory - values groundbreaking ideas that challenge the status quo and shape the world for the better.

Take a peek into the past to see some awe-inspiring AI app created by our brilliant participants during previous hackathons. Let their ingenuity ignite your own passion for problem-solving!

And as we celebrate the fantastic achievements of the 1,726 Hackathon #2 participants, remember that each one of them is a winner. They've gained priceless knowledge, connected with like-minded individuals worldwide, and taken monumental strides in their AI journey.

So, are you ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure?

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