Best 4 text-to-video AI tools

Thursday, June 15, 2023 by Marek
Best 4 text-to-video AI tools

AI is revolutionizing the creative industry

It’s been over 7 months since the release of ChatGPT and there were many AI-related virals like MidJourney images of arresting Donald Trump or Pope Francis wearing a puffer jacket. We had food commercials (e.g. pizza) created with text-to-video models and even Balenciaga virals animating images.

So what does it mean? Well, in my opinion, we are facing a creative revolution. People who can't afford a graphic designer don’t have to do a poor design by themselves - some AI tools will do a great job for them. People can make funny videos without investing so much time into them. Or even more ambitious ones - the potential is limitless. I think we are facing into the direction of an era where ideas will be the most important, as execution can be done in no time and without that many expanses (financial and time).

I believe it’s a true creative revolution and democratizing a creative process. And to those who say artists won’t be needed, I can say, that I see what Stable Diffusion videos I was doing as I started using it and… If I compared the quality, the idea, and the whole experience from the viewer's perspective to videos created with the same tools of a friend of mine, who’s a visual artist working with animation tools, the difference is huge.

So yeah, you can learn how to use those tools and master them, but people with expertise in any field will have an advantage over you, but what did you expect? AI is an enhancement of your process, not the process itself.

Just one last thing - the AI revolution for the creative industry is happening and even at the Cannes Festival in 2023 they were aware of it. Let that sink it.

Unleashing the Power of Text-to-Video AI Tools

a camera robot

Text-to-video is an innovative technology, powered by artificial intelligence, that enables users to effortlessly create captivating videos from text inputs. This cutting-edge tool is gaining popularity among businesses and individuals for its ability to generate engaging visual content seamlessly.

The market offers a diverse array of text-to-video apps, which I am describing in more detail below. By employing advanced AI algorithms, these platforms can efficiently produce videos using text from diverse sources such as written documents, PDFs, emails, or even slide presentations. These AI video tools also provide users with a plethora of customization choices, catering to multiple languages to facilitate global outreach.

Leveraging natural language processing and machine learning techniques, text-to-video generators transform text scripts into appealing videos complete with clips, subtitles, background tunes, and sleek transitions. As the AI system processes massive volumes of text-image data and studies the motion in video footage sans text, it progressively learns to craft audiovisual content that mirrors the input text.

Moreover, each text-to-video tool brings a unique approach to the table. For instance, some companies utilize autoregressive transformers to bolster their natural language modeling capabilities. This diverse range of AI video solutions caters to the individual needs and preferences of users, making text-to-video generation an invaluable asset in today's digital landscape.

Runway's Next-Gen Text-to-Video Marvel

Runway Research's Gen-2 is an advanced generative AI tool, designed to effortlessly create videos from text prompts. This sophisticated solution exhibits significant enhancements over its predecessor, Gen-1, delivering superior video quality and an expanded array of customization options.

Gen-2's prowess doesn't end at text prompts. Users can also generate 4-second video clips by feeding in images or existing video clips. Thus, this versatile, multi-modal AI video platform can conjure original videos with diverse content, catering to the user's unique requirements. Additionally, its compatibility with both web and mobile interfaces ensures accessibility and convenience.

Compared to Gen-1, which was limited to generating videos using only words and images, Gen-2 offers an extensive range of operational modes. These include Text to Video, Text + Image to Video, Image to Video, Stylization, Storyboard, Mask, Render, and Customization. User studies have shown a clear preference for the results achieved by Gen-2, surpassing existing techniques for image-to-image and video-to-video translations.

In summary, Runway's Gen-2 answers the growing demand for powerful and easy-to-use text-to-video apps. Its adaptability across multiple modes of operation, improved customization, and exceptional video quality make it a noteworthy contender in the realm of AI video generation.

Is it free? No, but you have some credits at the start.

Introducing the Pioneering Stable Diffusion Deforum

Stable Diffusion Deforum stands apart as an open-source, cost-free software designed to produce engaging animations. Harnessing the power of Stable Diffusion's image-to-image function, Deforum generates a string of images and seamlessly stitches them together to craft dynamic videos. This creative process involves applying subtle transformations to an image frame and utilizing the image-to-image function to spawn the next frame.

Deforum's adaptability is unquestionably one of its strengths. Boasting a plethora of customization and configuration possibilities, this text-to-video app empowers users to fine-tune their creations to suit their individual needs and artistic vision. With over 100 different settings accessible via the primary inference notebook, Deforum offers limitless potential for AI video outcomes.

In summary, Stable Diffusion Deforum breaks new ground in the text-to-video realm, presenting users with an open-source, cost-effective solution to generate compelling animations while maintaining control over output nuances.

We even have a Stable Diffusion tutorial on how to use it!

Is it free? **Yeah, either you run it locally for free or if your computer can't handle it, you can use google collab’s daily free credits (or buy some if needed) **

Discover Genmo: Blending Human Creativity and AI Innovation

Genmo emerges as a cutting-edge AI art generator, proficiently transforming text into remarkable videos through its trailblazing AI capabilities. Developed by Karim Waljee, this ingenious platform has the potential to expertly craft various 3D scenes, animations, and videos.

Inspired by the concept of Creative General Intelligence, Genmo operates at the intersection of human ingenuity and the prowess of generative AI models. By fostering synergy between these two forces, Genmo yields truly unique and valuable creative outcomes that surpass the limits of standalone AI tools.

As a precursor to this vision, Genmo Chat enables users to develop content by collaborating with AI. This includes generating enthralling images, videos, and 3D models through interactive conversations. Infused with natural language processing and machine learning technologies, Genmo seamlessly bridges the gap between human creativity and generative tools, enhancing its understanding of user intentions and context.

In conclusion, Genmo's revolutionary text-to-video capabilities position it as a frontrunner among AI video platforms. While leveraging the power of AI, Genmo's emphasis on human-AI synergy spearheads the pursuit of unparalleled creative results.

Is it free? No, but you have some daily credits for free, but you can upgrade to paid version.

Kaiber: Unleashing Creativity with AI-driven Video Creation

Kaiber is a remarkable AI video creation tool that allows users to channel their imagination and craft distinctive, AI-powered videos. This innovative tool leverages artificial intelligence to generate videos either from the ground up or by building upon pre-existing content. Be it for social media, marketing campaigns, or any other imaginative application, Kaiber brings endless possibilities to the table.

Designed as a comprehensive video generation engine, Kaiber AI supports content generation based on user-provided images or text descriptions. The platform offers an array of versatile features, such as Spotify Canvas for musicians, creative inspiration for artists, engaging content for creators, and interactive fun for futurists, enabling users to express themselves uniquely and explore the limits of AI-powered text-to-video apps.

The Kaiber App serves as a truly inventive platform that utilizes AI technology to generate captivating videos and images based on user-provided prompts. These text inputs fuel the algorithm to produce one-of-a-kind assets tailored to the user's requirements, giving creators a chance to breathe life into their ideas.

In summary, Kaiber melds the realms of creativity and artificial intelligence seamlessly, offering a powerful tool for generating enthralling AI videos based on an individual's unique vision and preferences.

Is it free? No, but you have some credits at the start.

Democratizing video production with AI

a robot cameraman

You already can explore text-to-image generation, text-to-3D generation, image-to-3D generation, or enjoy many perfect AI tools for scriptwriters. So why the AI revolution for the creative industry should stop there?

Of course, some of those tools are not perfect yet, but just as we would go a year back we… did not have any of them accessible, or accessible to a few.

It means there will be more and more content, due to production’s cost reduction. Many more people will be (and already are) able to make world-class content that can compete with the best Animation productions out there. And that’s a fact.

And my prediction is that, after we will be already tired of amazing, high-quality content, but boring content, the good ideas will be the winners. As with Balenciaga’s viral videos - the idea is the thing that counts.

So welcome to the world, where idea (not the content) is the king!

So how can you benefit from it?

First, learn how to use those tools. Understand them, test all of them, and see the limitations of each of their capabilities of it. Play around, don't be afraid to fail. Just practice, practice, and practice. Those tools are new and no one ever could use them before. Of course, specialists in the field have an advantage, but you can become one with time.

And as you know, how to do things, you have two options.

Either you use them to build your business around them or see the limitations of existing tools and create new ones. And as you go deeper into the rabbit hole, you already know, that it’s not that hard.

And as you are reading it, you already know, that you can create a creative AI app changing the creative industry forever during AI Hackathons.

So go out there and create content and come back later to build an app to do the things you have to do manually. Or build them right away.

Marek Mardosewicz, senior performance marketing specialist at New Native

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