Benin AI Hackathon: Innovation Shines in Language Processing and Image Generation

Tuesday, June 04, 2024 by Katya
Benin AI Hackathon: Innovation Shines in Language Processing and Image Generation

Benin Multimodal AI Hackathon by the Ministry of Digital Affairs was a resounding success! Over the course of an exhilarating 72-hour period, talented developers and AI enthusiasts came together to explore cutting-edge solutions in language processing and image generation. The hackathon challenged participants to create revolutionary tourism and culture applications, fostering innovation and cultural preservation through artificial intelligence. Developers had the option to work individually or form teams, tapping into the power of collaboration.

Hackathon Challenges and Opportunities

Participants tackled three main challenge tracks:

  • Creating an app to add subtitles to videos and bridge the communication gap between local languages and other languages.
  • Developing image generation capabilities from audio in local languages.
  • Enabling image generation from text in local languages.

The goal was to enhance accessibility, cultural representation, and seamless communication in multimedia content through the power of AI.

Prizes and Opportunities 🌟

The hackathon offered substantial cash prizes, with the first-place winners in both the on-site and online categories receiving €3,000 each. Second and third-place finishers also received generous cash rewards. Beyond monetary prizes, the hackathon provided invaluable opportunities for winners to further develop their projects. Incubation and mentorship opportunities at SΓ¨mΓ¨ City, cloud computing credits from major providers, and collaboration opportunities with local organizations, research institutions, and government agencies were all on offer.

The Hackathon Winners πŸ†

The hackathon witnessed an outpouring of creativity and technical prowess, with numerous impressive projects emerging from the participants' efforts. In the on-site category, the first-place winner was DΓ΄kun by Imole, an application that facilitates interaction between local and foreign language speakers while preserving cultural heritage through AI. AIDA, alΙ” Do mΙ› tΙ” Assistant Vocal Multifonctionnel secured second place with its innovative multilingual voice recognition features. The third-place winner, SCGM with SMART VIDEO TRANSCRIBER wowed judges with its AI-powered web application that offers a truly personalized and multilingual video viewing experience. In the online category, Ben Interactive Video by AI Powerhouse claimed the top prize, revolutionizing video interaction for Benin and beyond. The second-place winner, Benin360 by neural nexus, focused on enhancing tourism in Benin through captioning and dubbing tools for local languages. Sustainability and Cultural Heritage with AI by Tech Titans secured third place, bridging linguistic gaps with its translation and subtitling capabilities for local Benin languages.

Partners and Technologies 🀝

The success of the hackathon was made possible through the support and collaboration of several key partners and organizations. The Ministry of Digital Affairs of Benin, Sèmè City, the Agency for Information Systems and Digital Technology, RADIO BENIN ALAFIA, and Isheero all played vital roles in facilitating this event and promoting AI development in Benin.


With 2,058 participants, 180 teams, and 75 AI applications developed, the Benin AI Hackathon showcased the immense talent and innovative spirit within the country's tech community. By fostering collaboration, leveraging cutting-edge technologies, and promoting cultural preservation, this event has paved the way for exciting developments in AI applications for language processing and image generation.