AutoGPT Hackathon: Celebrating Innovation and Announcing the Winners

Monday, November 13, 2023 by dinashall
AutoGPT Hackathon: Celebrating Innovation and Announcing the Winners

AutoGPT Hackathon: Celebrating Innovation and Announcing the Winners

As we reflect on the recently concluded AutoGPT hackathon, it's impossible not to recognize AutoGPT as the main and the greatest partner in this journey of technological exploration. Their groundbreaking tools and unwavering support have been instrumental in nurturing a space where ideas could flourish into tangible solutions.

Weaviate: A Vital Partner in Our Journey of Innovation

Our gratitude extends to Weaviate, a crucial partner whose support has been invaluable over the course of the event. Weaviate, the AI Native Vector Database, represents a new era in data handling. As an open-source vector database, it empowers users to store data objects and vector embeddings seamlessly, scaling effortlessly into billions of data objects. Their contribution has not only been in terms of technology but also in the spirit of collaboration and innovation.

Celebrating the Victors: Hackathon Winners

The heart of this event has been the brilliant minds that participated, each bringing their unique vision and skills. It's with great pride we announce the winners:

General Challenge:

  • Winner: evo-ninja, for their exceptional approach in tackling broad-spectrum challenges.

Scrape and Synthesize:

  • Winner: ChadGPT, who showcased outstanding ability in extracting and synthesizing information.

Coding Excellence:

  • Winner: Ghostcoder, for their exemplary coding skills.

  • 2nd Place: GPT-Engineer, for demonstrating remarkable coding proficiency.

Data Mastery:

  • Winner: MLJAR, for their superior skills in data analysis and interpretation.

Open-ended Agent Protocol:

  • Winner: IdeationAgent, for their innovative approach in designing flexible and adaptive AI agents.

Dive Deeper into AutoGPT: Explore the Technology

For those inspired by the event and eager to explore AutoGPT technology, we invite you to visit AutoGPT Tutorials. These resources are a treasure trove for anyone wanting to delve into the world of AutoGPT and harness its potential.

Relive the Excitement: Winners' Stream Recording

Missed the live action? Don't worry! You can catch up on all the highlights and witness the ingenuity of our participants by watching the stream Twitch recording of the winners' announcement.

The AutoGPT hackathon was more than a competition; it was a celebration of AI's collaborative and innovative potential. Congratulations to all participants for making it a success. Winners of all our Hackathons are invited to apply for the GAIA or Slingshot programs, four week accelerator for AI startups, transforming proofs of concept into market-ready MVPs. They offer access to advanced technology, infrastructure, and expert networks, ensuring rapid market entry. Join us in shaping the future of AI; explore more at

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