A 40k special: participant’s story

Tuesday, March 21, 2023 by Marek
A 40k special: participant’s story

The community is growing!

Last month we published a dedicated article for 30 000 lablab.ai community participants and now we are more than happy to publish another one - announcing that over 40 000 amazing builders, creators and innovators from all around the world took part in lablab.ai AI Hackathons!

We think that reaching every milestone should be celebrated and we believe there is no better way to do so, but alongside with our amazing community! Because, as you all know, we want to help you grow and give as much to the community as possible. That’s why we decided to have a 40 000 users special article and give a floor not only to Hackathons winner’s and their amazing projects, but to people who wanted to share their stories and experience within our community!

We believe that everyone who joins lablab.ai’s AI hackathons is already a winner - by identifying newest technologies in the early stage, by developing his skills, by creating and innovating, brainstorming and connecting from people all around the world and many, many more!

A journey starts with a single step and participating in our event’s is such a step forward, but don’t take it from us - read four amazing testimonies of people growing within the lablab.ai community. People, who took part in our AI Hackathons and changed their life!

First story - Dimitrije Pešić, lablab.ai mentor

Dimitrije, apart from being a mentor at lablab.ai, is a co-leader of a science-engineering organization in Kragujevac called @pfe.kg, a leader of a US Embassy in Belgrade for politics winning team where he created an app for the elections in 2020. He’s also a part of the research stations Petnica in Valjevo and PFE in Tršić for 5 years. He has traveled all across Europe for Erasmus+ STEM projects and has won 2 national awards: one in physics and one in arts.

“My first experience was scary at first, I didn't know anyone and there were so many people that were way more qualified than I am to participate in the hackathons. But as time went on, and the more I engaged with the community, the beautiful atmosphere has soaked me in! I feel like a family member now, the inclusivity here is like nowhere else. The materials that are sent all the time and the tutorials that are regularly posted all add up to the whole experience.”

Amazing that you’re a part of the lablab.ai community, Dimitrije, and we love to hear more about your growth with AI!

Second story - Zubair Zafar, lablab.ai mentor

Zubair is a Software Engineer at Carchaze, despite being a mentor at Lablab.ai. He is also a Amadeus 2022 hackathon winner (Sponsored by Etihad Airways), where one of the prizes was an internship opportunity at Etihad Airways.

“Conducting such amazing hackathons each month is an opportunity for tech enthusiasts to collaborate with each other and create exciting products by using resources which are provided by lablab. I'm glad to be a part of this community.”

Great to have a talented person involved in helping other AI lovers to grow and we are more than happy to have you onboard!

Third story - Ibrohim Abdivokhidov, an OpenAI Stack Hackathon finalist

a picture of a group of friends, and a robot amoung them

Ibrohim is a software engineering student at New Uzbekistan University. He participated in various hackathons organized by lablab.ai, by It-Park, alongside challenges organized by Alchemy University and more! He is also working on a startup project.

“As an AI enthusiast, I have been blown away by the energy and creativity of the Lablab.ai community. The hackathons are really inspiring, as they provide a unique opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals from all around the world and even different time zones. Lablab.ai's focus on innovation sets them apart from other communities which creates an opportunity to build a startup in just a week by freely exploring the latest AI technologies and developing cutting-edge solutions.”

Great to have you here, Ibrohim. We’re looking for more amazing AI tools you’re going to tailor in order to make the world a better place!

Fourth story - Christian Leyerer

Christian is an ITS-Masterstudent at FH Salzburg and an IT-Consultant at dm drogeriemarkt. In February 2023 he decided to take his passion for DataScience and IT-consulting to the next level and founded his own company to offer his expertise to small and medium-sized businesses.

“I had an amazing experience with lablab.ai! The platform provided me with a unique opportunity to challenge myself and learn new tools while working on a project from scratch. Starting from zero and going all the way to the prototyping phase was an incredible journey that helped me to intensively immerse myself in a specific use case. But what made this experience truly special was the team I was able to work with. Collaborating with others who share the same passion and drive made the entire process more fulfilling and rewarding. We were able to bounce ideas off each other, provide feedback, and work together to overcome any obstacles we faced. Overall, lablab.ai was an incredible experience that allowed me to challenge myself, learn new skills, and work with an amazing team. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to expand their knowledge and take on new challenges in the world of technology.”

We always cheer for talented people who want to make a difference, and Christian - you’re one of those people. Fingers crossed for all of your projects and we hope that with more to come you will engage also other lablab.ai’s talents!

How are we helping the community grow?

a picture of a group of friends with laptops chatting enrgeticly and giving orders to a cartoonlike robots

As over 40 000 talented people trusted us and joined our events, we want to push boundaries even further. As we encourage all of you to shape the world around you, we want to provide you the best tools to do so. With the cutting edge AI technology.

That’s why we launched some features to help you all learn more, grow faster and assist your project all the way to working startup. You can read about all the new features on our AI blog. But we encourage you to:

  • Apply for our AI slingshot program
  • Compete in our sidequests
  • Engage within our community, and become AI mentors like Dimitrije or Zabir, and get even more recognition in the AI community!
  • Vote for a wild-card finalist
  • Get a deeper feedback from lablab.ai team, mentors and much more
  • Discover more AI apps, through our AI discovery page

There are thousands of us and even more to come! We encourage you to engage within the community by participating in amazing AI Hackathons, using cutting edge AI technology, like ChatGPT api or in the second edition of a dedicated event to help you build your AI startup! Or you can get involved more into the AI community, shape the landscape of AI technology by writing dedicated tutorials or blog articles for lablab.ai to help others grow.

The choice is yours, but we want you to know one - AI is here to stay and as you are reading this you can be one of the early adopters. And we strongly encourage you not to sleep on this.

Be part of the AI revolution.

Shape the future with AI.

Join lablab.ai!