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Full stack Developer

United Kingdom

3 years of experience

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Junior full stack web developer with experience in cyber security. I have working for a few years inadvertently as a front end web developer as part of a hobby and developing websites for my own companies as well as managing computer systems and everything that goes with running a company I decided to retrained as a full stack developer and I am pleased to say I have loved the journey so far. Though I have not yet been formally employed as a full stack developer I now daily work on either my own full stack projects or open source projects some of which and some my achievements can be found on this LinkedIn profile and my GitHub account, I am a hardworking full stack developer with a knowledge new and emerging technologies I can and have demonstrated a knowledge of react next.js🌍, databases🗄️, CI/CD♾️ and much more. I would think of myself of a hack of all trades master of none but sometimes I even surprise myself with what I know and live learning more. All my employment history recent projects and anything I could think of that anyone may want to use to cross reference me via this LinkedIn profile or the attached links. But you can always reach out to me if you like to know more about me. My LinkedIn inbox is not always actively managed but I always try to get back to anyone that messages me as I appreciate your time. Thank you 🙏


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