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Manuel Leon

Creative & Lead UX/UI Product Designer

With a bustling 19-year journey through the realms of business growth and user experience, I've carved a niche for myself. By weaving together cutting-edge technology and user-centric design, I've breathed life into impactful brands and pioneering services. Innovation isn't just a buzzword for me – it's my craft. I'm a staunch believer in utility and simplicity, steering diverse teams through complex projects. With an eye for culturally-sensitive and intuitive solutions, I take pride in delivering versatile results every time. 🌟 Here's a glimpse into what I can do: - Figma Expert:From interactive prototypes to design systems, I thrive on Atomic Design principles. - Agile methodologies: My proficiency in Lean UX/ Sprint Design and Design Thinking ensures flexibility and creativity. Taking from Strategy to Actions using OKR (Objectives & Key Results) methodology. - UI Design: Crafting innovative platforms? Count me in! (especially Web&Mobile Apps,Business Platforms and Unity 2D/3D UI) - Product and Data Design: I’m renowned for aligning user requirements with data-driven insights. - Visual Design:Sketch, XD, Figma Master, Unity – I've got it all covered. - Industry Mastery: I’ve shaken things up in the cultural and entertainment sectors. Think events, tourism, movies, TV shows, games. - Web Development: Designing and developing WordPress websites is a breeze for me. - Video Editing: Seamless editing and post-production? Final Cut Pro is my trusty tool. 🏒 Key Career Milestones: - CEO - Alliances & Strategy - Creative Innovation for Business development My approach fuses meticulous attention to detail with a strategic outlook. It's all about exceeding user experience expectations and making a tangible impact.

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Paulina Gajoch

Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining student

My name is Paulina, and I am a blind student studying Social Informatics specializing on artificial intelligence and data mining. Despite my visual impairment, I am passionate about exploring various aspects of technology and its applications. I have a wide range of interests, from delving into the methods of artificial intelligence to experimenting with music, voice, and sound editing. Additionally, I am actively involved in consulting on accessibility for the visually impaired, podcasting, technical writing, and testing new devices and software. My journey in the field of Social Informatics has allowed me to combine my love for technology with my desire to promote inclusivity and equal opportunities for individuals with visual impairments. By studying the intersection of technology and society, I aim to develop innovative solutions that enhance accessibility and empower people with disabilities. One of my main areas of focus is the exploration of artificial intelligence (AI) methodologies. I am fascinated by the potential of AI to revolutionize various industries and improve the lives of individuals. Through my studies, I strive to understand the intricacies of AI algorithms and their ethical implications, with a particular emphasis on their application in creating accessible technologies. Apart from AI, I have a keen interest in music, voice, and sound editing. I enjoy exploring different techniques and tools to manipulate and enhance audio content. This allows me to express my creativity while also contributing to the development of accessible media experiences for individuals with visual impairments. In my free time, I create podcasts and articles for blind and visually impaired people, focusing on how to use various technologies, suggesting new solutions that can improve our lives, and providing guidance on fixing frequently encountered technical problems. Furthermore, I actively engage in consulting on accessibility for the visually impaired. By sharing my personal experiences and insights, I aim to raise awareness among developers and designers about the importance of considering accessibility from the initial stages of product development. I believe that everyone should have equal access to technology, and I am committed to advocating for inclusive design principles. Additionally, I am an avid tea lover and an early adopter. Whenever there is intriguing new technology, I can't resist the urge to test it.

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