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My name is Marius and I am currently a senior student at the University of west Attica. Furthermore, I am doing an internship in the HR field and Social Media in order to better understand todays market and how to stand out when it comes to business. On my free time I enjoy spending my time learning programming languages or anything related to tech. The language I really enjoyed learning is Python, and then subsequently SQL. The reason i am applying for this course is that not long ago I was enrolled in the Microsoft Azure AI fundamentals which also received the certification upon completion of an exam, and I was quite fascinated by the whole concept and would like to further expand my knowledge on this field. Among other things my hobbies include some basketball, swimming, cycling and sports in general. My passion is to constantly learn something new and it would be my pleasure to work with someone willing to share their knowledge.


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    AI NFT Deep Learning Labs Hackathon

    Do you want to learn how to create art with artificial intelligence? Join us for a 3-week hackathon where we will create NFT art using AI.

    Deep Dream
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    Cohere AI Hackathon

    We welcome you to join us for episode one of Cohere Online Hackathon! We're partnering with Cohere to give the LabLab community the opportunity to build with one of the world's most powerful artificial intelligence language models.