Friday, May 20 2022 - 9:40 AM

Deep Learning Labs WeWork Stockholm

This event we will focus on GPT-3 functions such as Files, Answers & Fine-tuning

Deep Learning Labs WeWork Stockholm
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Hackathon summary video

Are you ready to experience the future of software development?

In this 3-day event we will use OpenAI's revolutionary artificial intelligence technologies Codex & GPT-3.

Join us May 20-22th at WeWork Sthlm.

About Deep Learning Labs

Our mission is to inspire founders and accelerate innovation by putting state-of-the-art AI technologies in the hands of innovators & talent. Events are organized in a friendly but competitive spirit where participants work in teams to innovate with given AI technology as a core.

GPT3 Hackathon


The GPT-3 hackathon starts on May 20th and finishes on May 22nd. Over the weekend we will hack with GPT-3 and Codex. Event ends with teams presenting their solutions. We encourage you to join our Discord server to connect with others and to stay updated.



Malmskillnadsgatan 32

111 51 Stockholm

About GPT-3

Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text. It is the third-generation language prediction model in the GPT-n series created by OpenAI. Learn more about GPT-3

Codex access

As a participant in our event, you are fast-tracked in the Codex / OpenAI closed beta program and will receive Codex access through us. Access & Tokens will be available the day before the event. You will receive an email from OpenAI once they processed the participant's list.


Previous experience in AI is not required. While many participants are industry experts, we also welcome people with other types of domain knowledge that want to understand & explore how AI can be used in their fields.

GPT-3 Hackathon FAQ

πŸ”‘ Codex Access

Togheter with OpenAI we will provide all participants with access to Codex. You will be granted access just before the hackathon starts.

πŸ€“ Participants

In addition to AI/tech industry experts, we also welcome people with other types of domain knowledge. Building successful AI solutions requires more than just technical expertise; we also need domain knowledge from other industries, it’s a key component to identify valuable solutions and business cases.

πŸ‘₯ Do I need a team?

You are welcome to join as a team or solo, if solo you will then be assigned to a team. We encourage you to look for a team before the event. We recommend you to join the Deep Learning Labs Discord channel: and posting in the #looking-for-team channel to get to know your potential future team members

πŸ† Prize

While the purpose of this event is to build with the technology we do have some small prices for the top 3 teams.

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